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The Cydonia Institute                                                             Vol. 1 No. 3
The 1998 Face on Mars
by George J. Haas
June 1998 (Revised 2000)                                                                                                                                                   
    A few hours after releasing the distorted, low contrast image known as the "cat box" to the international media on April 6th 1998, NASA posted a very different image of the MGS "Face" (SP1-22003)1 on their web site. (Figure 1 - Left) This rectified image had the distortion corrected and the contrast enhanced. In the newly rectified image of the "Face" the most startling feature besides the distinguishable eyes, nose, and mouth was the presence of an elaborately styled headdress. The facial features become even more distinguishable when a contrast reversal is preformed (Figure 1 - Right).2


Figure 1
The 1998 Face on Mars - MGS (SP1-22003)

Left: NASA/JPL enhanced image.
Right: The Cydonia Institute’s contrast reversal image.

When the new "Face" is split into two halves and duplicated, Hoagland's anticipated sphinx-like attributes of the Martian "Face" become startlingly evident (Figure 2).

Figure 2
Humanoid and Feline sides of the MGS Face (SP1-22003).

Left: Humanoid Face - Left side duplicated (contrast reversal)
Right: Feline Face - Right side duplicated (contrast reversal)

    Notice the eyes, nose, and mouth including two front teeth on the Humanoid side of the Face (Figure 2 - Left). The Humanoid side also has a flanged headdress featuring a "W" shaped emblem. The Feline of the Face has squinting eyes, a muzzle, fangs, a mane, and a crest on the forehead (Figure 2 - Right).

2. In April 2000 Dr. Michael Malin released a contrast reversal of the Face image SP1-22003 on his web site. See, Malin Space Science Systems, Mars Orbiter Camera Views the "Face on Mars" 2000.

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