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Horse Boarding

at The Hound Hotel


We offer full-care stall boarding for horses and ponies. Pasture or field boarding is also available on a limited basis. Jumps are available for use in training.


Your horse will enjoy the spacious quality in their 12' x 12' box stalls. Grain and hay are fed twice daily. Each stall is equipped with rubber mats, fresh pine shavings, and water that can be heated during the cold winter months. Stalls are cleaned thoroughly at least once each day, 365 days a year, and fresh shavings are added several times a week as needed.


Our tree lined 13-acre facility has 6 acres of open pastures enclosed by 3-board fencing. Each of our 4 paddocks vary in size from small turnouts suitable for the special needs horse who requires limited turnout, to pastures in which the horses may graze and roam as they please. Our pastures also provide shelter from the elements in the form of extra large run-in sheds, and the horses are granted free access to large water tubs 24-7.


All boarded horses enjoy the company of other horses during turnout, unless individual turnout is required by special request*. At Hidden Hill Farm, we will regularly evaluate and adjust the turnout arrangements to ensure both safety and peace of mind for our horses and boarders.

Trailer Parking:

Private trailer parking is available for current boarders.

-2009 Boarding Rates -
· Full-care, stall board: $475/month
· Pasture/Field board: $400/month

*Working board is also an option, based on availability

*Special requests for our boarders are welcomed at any time.

For reservations Please contact George at (540) 882-4216 (leave message)