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The Veterinarian

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Hello I’m Doctor Joy Cole. I am a licensed veterinarian with twenty-five years experience in small animal medicine and surgery and equine management. My husband and I have recently offered a home based kennel service that is directed at special needs pets requiring a quiet attentive environment that is more like their own home.

Our in-house kennel is located in the lower level of our split-level home, which is centered on a thirteen-acre farm with our horses. Our current boarding capacity is limited to four available spaces (per day) ranging in size from 2x3 foot cages to double-tiered equivalents for cats. We have a variety of 3x4 foot crates and provide an isolated 8x8 foot sectioned room area for larger and multiple pets, which can also be utilized by geriatric dogs that need more room.

The pets are hand walked into an exterior six-foot chain link pet enclosure for exercise and elimination. All boarders are treated as guests and are given the opportunity for “family time” with individual contact in our kitchen area and family room. Capable guests are encouraged to play or cuddle up with family members and watch TV.

We believe our service is unique, and to our knowledge this service does not exist within the Loudoun County community. Most privately owned boarding facilities project a warehouse environment and do not accommodate the medical needs of their boarders. If a veterinary hospital does provide boarding services it usually consist of a loud and impersonal facility, which exacerbates the stress level of special needs patients. Our service is designed to provide a quieter home-like environment.

If you are interested in utilizing our service please contact us at your earliest convenience.